Stefan Pettersson from Sweden is the new face in NF1 basketball

Stefan Pettersson © Tapio Joulamo Benoît Badet has taken Colomiers from NF3 to NF1 basketball in the last five seasons.

But unfortunately the results this season have not been as good as expected and he has been replaced as head coach.

The man in charge until the end of the season is Stefan Pettersson, (left) who is a 37-year old Swedish person.

If Colomiers escape relegation, then he will be offered a new contract.

On the basketball court Colomiers won their first game for 2009 after a closely fought encounter with Strasbourg ABC (74-70).

This victory moves them off the bottom of the table.

Limoges maintains their advantage on top of the table with a road victory (75-70) against Pleyber-Christ.

Armentières also had a good road victory (89-45) against the CFBB to stay in joint second place.

Illkirch-Graffenstaden gave Toulouse a master class as they won easily (80-57) in front of a capacity ground.

The SIG had four players in double digits. The pair Schmitt-Sender and Vernerey finished with double-doubles.

However it was Darline Nsoki who scored 15 points and had 11 rebounds that turned the match in the favour of the SIG.

With the game won Lucie Battaglia who is a pure product from the club fired in a shot from down-town at the end of the game.

The SIG remain in joint second place.

  Club Points
1 Limoges 39
2 Armentières 37
3 Illkirch-Graffenstaden 37
4 Charleville Mézières 36
5 Roche Vendée 36
6 Toulouse 34
7 Strasbourg ABC 33
8 Nice Cavigal Olympic 31
9 Dunkerque Malo 30
10 Rennes Avenir 30
11 Etoile de Voiron 28
12 US Laveyron 28
13 Ifs 27
14 US Colomiers 26
15 Pleyber-Christ 26
16 CFBB (INSEP) 26
Charleville-Mézières did not allow Roche Vendée to settle in this game.

Céline Fromholz scored for Charleville-Mézières from the tip-off and was very active in the opening spell.

Roche Vendée managed to keep close in the opening minutes and tied the game for the second and last time at (9-9).

Charleville-Mézières then went on an 11-0 run and led (23-15) by the end of the first period. By the interval they had a comfortable advantage (45-29).

Charleville-Mézières never lost control and with Fromholz' 19 points and 5 assists they won comfortably (83-65).

Charleville-Mézières' better record over the two games with Roche Vendeé allows them to move into fourth place.

The rest of the NF1 basketball news from round 21

Dunkerque beat Ifs (75-66) in a classic game of offensive basketball.

The lead changed several times in this game and it was not until the final quarter that Dunkerque managed to take control of the game.

Julie Villain (29 points) had put Ifs in front for the last time (61-60) early in the final period.

Dunkerque finally put a stop to Villain and went in front for good after a three-pointer from Jehanne Detry.

Dunkerque scored 12 points in total during a four-minute spell to the relief of their supporters as they went on to win.

Nice was surprised at home as they fell (71-77) to US Laveyron while Rennes held off Voiron (70-62).

All the results from round twenty one for the Nationale Féminine 1 are listed below:

Pleyber-Christ 50-75 Limoges

Charleville-Mézières 83-65 Roche Vendée

Illkirch-Graffenstaden 80-57 Toulouse

CFBB (INSEP) 45-89 Armentières

Nice 71-77 US Laveyron

Dunkerque 77-66 Ifs

Rennes 70-62 Voiron

Colomiers 74-70 Strasbourg ABC

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NF1 basketball news picture credits:

Tapio Joulamo - Swedish Basketball Federation

Date: 21 February 2009

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