LFB news: Bourges Basket, Lattes Montpellier and Saint Amand remain perfect in 2008

Caroline Aubert
LFB news: Caroline Aubert in the Ligue Féminine de BasketBall is MVP of the week

LFB news: Calais unable to tame Bourges

Allyson Hardy Allyson Hardy (left) finished with 22 points shooting 7-of-12 from the field including a couple of three-pointers. But this was not enough for Calais to end Bourges Basket’s winning streak.

Calais, the home team, were (9-2) up after only three minutes and increased their advantage to (20-9) with only seven minutes played. Calais lost some of their lead by the end of the first period (23-15).

Bourges Basket started the second period with 9 consecutive points to complete an 11-0 run to take the lead (24-23).

Sonja Kireta Sonja Kireta (left) from Bourges dominated the boards at both end of the court in this match with a total of 17 points. She was also on form offensively with 19 points and the main force as Bourges went into the interval in front (41-32).

Lina Brazdeïkyte, who finished with 3-of-3 from the land of many, supported Hardy as Calais reduced their deficit (46-50) with less than a minute to the end of the third period. This was the closest that Calais was to get as they went down (71-57).

Caroline Aubert versus Jessica Davenport

Jessica Davenport from Challes had an enormous game with 29 points, 7 rebounds, 5 steals, 2 blocks and 2 assists. Yet she ended up on the losing side as Mondeville ran out winners (81-78).

The star of the match was Caroline Aubert who scored 22 points including 4-of-5 from the land of many. She also had 14 assists, 2 steals and drew 6 fouls.

Once the teams had warmed up after about three minutes into the match they gave a fierce but lively battle. The lead was changing hands numerous times as neither side was able to dominate enough to put the opponent team down.

Lenae Williams Mondeville, trailing (57-60) at the start of the final period, were back in front (70-64) with five minutes remaining in the game. They looked to have had the game in the bag (79-68) with three minutes to go. Challes then went on a 7-0 run to set up tense last seconds (79-75). But Lenae Williams (left) hit the last points to finally put down the challenge of Challes to win (81-75).

Saint Amand remain unbeaten in 2008

Saint Amand maintained their 100% record for 2008 with a hard fought home victory against Tarbes. The match was nicely poised with the hosts leading (50-49) in money time. Tamara Moore, assisted by Ines Ajanovic, secured the victory with clutch shooting in the dying seconds (58-51).

Montpellier‘s Gunta Basko outscored Sheana Mosch

Gunta Basko Gunta Basko scored 31 points as Montpellier held on to record an important road victory against Arras. Montpellier’s problems in finishing off games almost came back to haunt them as they held on to beat Arras by 6 points after leading by 20 points (88-82).

Sheana Mosch scored 17 points in a losing cause but still leads the scoring statistics.

LFB news results for the remaining matches

Villeneuve won at last after three defeats (71-64) with Géraldine Robert’s double-double, 14 points and 10 rebounds while Mourenx fell at home to Aix-en-Provence (78-82). Reims beat USVO (65-64).

All the results and scores from LFB news round 14

Reims 65-64 Valenciennes

Reims: Amélie Fresnais 2, Anne-Sophie Pagnier 0, Mame Marie Sy 10, Anne-Marie Parau 7, Stéphanie Blanquart DNP, Marie-Frédérique Ayissi 2, Manon Sinico 8, Zuzanna Klimesova 12, Mia Fisher 17, Marie-Laure Fleury-Kindoki 7

USVO: Camille Aubert 2, Laurie Koehn 12, Francesca Zara 4, Sarah Michel DNP, Amélie Pochet 0, Emilie Gomis 16, Krissy Bade 0, Sabrina Reghaïssia 13, Nicole Ohlde 17, Reka Cserny 0

Villeneuve d'Ascq 71-64 Clermont-Ferrand

Villeneuve d'Ascq: Bintou Diémé 6, Bénédicte Fombonne 12, Jucirama Dantas 2, Luba Drljaca DNP, Géraldine Robert14 , Kathy Wambe 7, Fatimatou Sacko 14, Shala Crawford 0, Jasmina Ilic 16

Clermont-Ferrand: Anaël Lardy 2, Claire Tomaszewski 2, Guiday Mendy 6, Jennifer Butler 13, Pauline Krawczyk 13, Claudia Das Neves 6, Vita Kuktiene 9, Noémie Lemaire DNP, Elena Nikipolskaia 13

Calais 57-71 Bourges

Calais: Andrea Csaszar 6, Allyson Hardy 22, Lucie Bouthors 0, Vanessa Candelier 0, Mariame Dia 0, Aurélie Cibert 7, Lina Brazdeïkyte 16, Lauren Neaves 6, Pauline Machu 0

Bourges: Sonja Petrovic 11, Belinda Shell 3, Cathy Melain 7, Endene Miyem 0, Ana Cata-Chitiga 2, Céline Dumerc 12, Carine Paul DNP, Sonja Kireta 19, Florence Lepron 5, Emméline Ndongue 12, Nora Bujdoso 0

Mourenx 68-72 Aix

Mourenx: Virginie Kévorkian 7, Isis Arrondo 0, Géraldine Devaux 0, Justine Agbatan 1, Penda Sy DNP, Ana Lelas 17, Béatrice Castets 6, Marion Pujos DNP, Enjoli Izidor 7, Kaayla Chones 15, Polina Tzekova 15

Aix: K. B. Sharp 21, Joyce Cousseins-Smith 0, Liad Suez-Karni 0, Ines Kresovic 12, Magali Lacroix 12, Yacine Sene 8, Anda Jekabsone 8, Stéphanie Beuzelin 11

Arras 82-88 Lattes-Montpellier

Arras: Julie Bertin 0, Carla Thomas 7, Bianca Vescan 0, Sheana Mosch 17, Elzbieta Miedzik 13, Natasa Ivancevic 13, Sylvie Gruszczynski 10, Mélanie Arnaud 4, Marielle Amant 10, Anais Déas 7

Montpellier: Katia Manic 19, Grace Daley DNP, Chris Jouandon DNP, Gunta Basko 31, Aurélie Bonnan 12, Sandra Dijon 16, Elodie Bertal 3, Charline Servage DNP, Marlyse Guerra DNP, Gaëlle Skréla 7

Saint Amand 58-51 Tarbes

Saint-Amand: Tiffany Stansbury 8, Marie Fouteret 0, Mélanie Plust 2, Clarisse Costaz 7, Magali Lopez DNP, Fanny Ploegaerts DNP, Tamara Moore 14, Laëtitia Kamba 2, Inès Ajanovic 16, Olena Ogorodnikova 9, Melissa Washington 0

Tarbes: Kristen Mann 13, Fatima De Camacho 0, Laure Savasta 5, Jaklin Zlatanova DNP, Clémence Beikes 10, Carole Leclair DNP, Alexia Kusion 0, Liz Moeggenberg 11, Isabelle Yacoubou 1, Gisela Vega 11

Mondeville 81-78 Challes-les-Eaux

Mondeville: Paoline Salagnac 19, Caroline Aubert 22, Ingrid Tanqueray 0, Jennifer Digbeu 8, Lenae Williams 14, Meredith Alexis 8, Naura El Gargati 2, Pauline Jannault 8

Challes: Tiffany Jackson DNP, Claire Vanhoutreve DNP, Laina Badiane 8, Emilie Duvivier 7, Slavka Frniakova DNP, Stéphanie Dubois 7, Johanne Gomis 18, Martina Luptakova 9, Jessica Davenport 29, Marie Bacquet 0

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LFB news pictures are courtesy of the Ligue Féminine de BasketBall and FIBA Europe

Date: 22 January 2008

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