Challes winning LFB match 5 in overtime on day two of the Open LFB

Open LFB match ©womensbasketball-in-france

Challes-les-Eaux winning in overtime against Asppt Arras

In the fifth LFB match of the weekend Challes-les-Eaux had to wait until overtime before overcoming Arras.

Last season the LFB MVP Luptakova-Gyurcsi scored 25 points as she held together her side during the difficult moments. Bedu-Janostinova, after a year out with injury, contributed 17 points while LFB newcomer Kirby Copeland finished on 13 points.

For Arras O’Hea with her clutch shooting in the fourth period almost won the game with 20 points, Fisher finished on 13 points.

Corinne Benitendi, the Challes head coach, spoke with us after the match as well as O’Hea from Arras. You will find the interviews by Benitendi after the LFB match report.

Jenna O'Hea's comments about playing in France will appear in our series about women playing basketball later in the week.

Open LFB match report

Mia Fisher arrived on Wednesday as medical cover and point guard cover with Leilana Mitchell involved in the WNBA play-offs and Sarah Michel injured.

Challes were more aggressive at the start and scored the first 4 points of the game with Kirby Copeland scoring the first points of the gam. Then Martina Luptakova-Gyurcsi was hitting a couple of free-throws.

In the meantime Fisher was covering a lot of ground and causing all kinds of problems. This resulted in Laina Badiane picking 2 early fouls. Arras went on an 8-0 run with Natalie Doma, Fisher with 4 free-throws and Jenna O'Hea doing all the scoring.

Emilie Duvivier started to run the point for Challes. She eventually brought the team level (13-13) as she floated a three-pointer over Fisher from way behind the three-point line.

Fisher was to have the last say of the first quarter. She scored the last points off a fast break and drew the foul to have a free-throw which she hit for Arras to lead (17-13) at the end of the first period.

Challes changed tactics in the second period: They used Sylvia Bedu-Janostinova to penetrate the zone. She executed this effectively as Challes quickly clawed back their deficit.

Then their next action was to neutralise Fisher. This was achieved by bringing Copeland back into play who plays the same style of basketball as Fisher. Copeland eventually gave Challes the lead with a sort of hip-hop jump shot.

It was now the turn of Bruno Blier to change tactics. He decided to bring Princesse Goubou in the game and move Fisher to her more familiar position.

While nothing really happened offensively for Arras, they managed to send Badiane back to the bench -on 4 fouls - as she was called for charging on Fisher. However Badiane and her head coach Corinne Benintendi did not agree with the call. All the same Challes went into the interval with the support of Luptakova-Gyurcsi leading (32-28).

Arras came firing back at the start of the third quarter by scoring the first 5 points. Doma scored the first three-pointer of the match for her team. Yet Luptakova-Gyurcsi's skill in drawing fouls got her to the foul line. Hence Challes' advantage was restored (37-33). Furthermore Luptakova-Gyurcsi was to score 5 quick points (3 points from free-throws).

Open LFB match ©womensbasketball-in-franceThe game became more physical and the scoring came mainly from the foul line.

Marielle Amant tied the game (39-39) from the charity stripes with a littLe over foUr minutes to play.

Stéphanie Beuzelin started the field goal rush with a trey for Arras which was matched by Bedu-Janostinova for Challes.

The two teams exchanged baskets before Bedu-Janostinova broke the sequence (47-44) giving her side a 3-point lead going into the final period.

Beuzelin hit from down-town to bring the teams on level terms right at the start of the fourth quarter. Challes managed to score 6 straight points but were unable to get away as Beuzelin was to hit another shot from behind the arc.

Challes continued to work inside. Despite another Arras trey, this time by O'Hea, Challes was still ahead (59-55) with five minutes to play.

The patter continued with Challes scoring from inside and Arras scoring from outside the paint with two minutes to play. Arras took the lead (63-61) as O'Hea hit a three-pointer from the corner.

With 41 seconds remaining Bedu-Janostinova tied the game once again (63-63). Neither side was to score again and the game went into overtime.

Bedu-Janostinova scored the first points of the fifth period when Copeland was allowed into the paint. Then the Arras head coach called for a time-out.

Arras were unable to get anything going in the final minutes and with 40 seconds remaining Luptakova-Gyurcsi put the game out of reach for Arras (70-63).

Challes went on to win (72-63).

LFB match analysis by Corinne Benitendi

Corinne Benitendi ©womensbasketball-in-france Corinne Benintendi is the only women in the position of head coach of club in the LFB. She explainw that the victory is a relief for the team. On the other hand some aspect of the LFB match was not perfect, free-throw percentage should be better. The inside game disappeared which resulted in reverting to zone. All the same during overtime her players show what they can really do. The task before Wednesday's is to improve the offensive links.

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