LFB basketball news
Tarbes are still setting the pace
Bourges Basket still on for another domestic Grand Slam

There are no headlines to report in the latest LFB basketball news because Bourges Basket and Tarbes continue their race for the regular season title.

However you will be able to read more about the latest games by clicking on the following links:

Tarbes left it late again

Bourges Basket beat Union Hainaut Basket

All the results from round 21

The other LFB Basketball news from round 21

Asptt Arras won their fourth consecutive match in beating Nantes-Rezé (72-64). However it was not an easy game.

Michele Van Gorp © Ligue Féminine de BasketBallIn the first period Nantes-Rezé were the stronger team and led (27-23) with Michele Van Gorp (left) scoring 8 points.

The second period was less spectacular. With Sarah Michel back to her best Arras went into the interval trailing by a single point.

After the sequence of scores from Michel for Arras and Van Gorp over it was the offensive action by Marielle Amant that gave Arras the lead briefly.

Nantes-Rezé refused to be put down and a Camille Aubert three-pointer gave them the advantage (51-49) by the end of the third period.

Michel fired in a three-pointer at the start of the final quarter that put the hosts in the lead for good (52-51).

Despite the efforts of Van Gorp (with a rare three-pointer) and Jessica Moore, Nantes-Rezé were unable to stop Arras and Stéphanie Beuzelin with a pair of three-pointers as they held on to win.

Michel and Amant led the scoring with 16 points. Leilani Mitchell and Beuzelin scored 13 points each. Bernie Mosby also finished in double digits with 12 points.

For Nantes-Rezé Van Gorp was the player of the match with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Moore scored 14 points and was joined in double digits by Sandrine Ronot with 10 points.

LFB basketball news Box Score

PaulineLattes-Montpellier have had problems at the free-throw line. Despite only scoring 3-from-8 in the last couple of minutes, they hung on to win on the road against Basket Landes (66-61).

Pauline Krawczyk led the scoring for Montpellier with 23 points.

With the victory Montpellier assure their place in the LFB next season as they cannot be caught by the teams in the last two positions of the LFB regular season table.

LFB basketball news Box Score

Villeneuve d’Ascq consolidated their position in third place with a road victory (73-63) against COB Calais.

Calais who had to play without Sara Leemans also had to utilise Lauren Neaves on one leg. She is having problems with her right knee.

All the same with Ann-Sophie Pagnier scoring three-pointers at will Calais led (19-17) by the end of the first period.

Calais continued to play aggressively and within three minutes of the second period they had increased their advantage (29-22).

LjubicaThen Ljubica Drljaca (left) started the Villeneuve revival with 8 points as her side started to take control of the game (34-31) with 18 minutes played.

Calais fell apart and Villeneuve went into the break with a 10-point lead (41-31) after scoring 13 unanswered points.

Calais tried their best to bring down the score but fell further behind by the end of the third period (48-62).

Villeneuve never looked in trouble for the rest of the game and with four players in double digits made up for their defeat earlier in the season against Calais.

Lady Comfort only managed 14 minutes on court due to getting in foul problems. But she still managed 15 points with 6-from-6 from the field.

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HollieAix-en-Provence showed no mercy to Clermont-Ferrand during the first half of their match and led (44-29).

Then Aix ended the game as a contest by the end of the third period leading (68-44) with Hollie Grima (right) on perfect form with 15 points with 5-of-5 from the field.

Erik Lehmann was able to turn his bench during the final period as Aix ran out winners (78-63). Belgium international Laurence Van Malderen led the scoring with 19 points.

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Despite trailing by a single point at the interval SJS Reims ended up beating Mondeville by a comfortable margin (70-53).

The turning point of the game was when Hervé Coudray picked up a technical with 6:44 to play in the final quarter.

Reims were leading (49-44) at the time. After this incident Mondeville fell apart allowing the hosts a free run to the basket.

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Tarbes left it late again

Tarbes do not win games in a spectacular manner. But they keep their fans on their feet as they tend to leave things to the last moment.

This week the fans had to wait until 24 seconds from the end of the game to savour the victory.

Liz Moeggenberg © Ligue Féminine de BasketBallLiz Moeggenberg, (left) the captain of Tarbes this season, has adjusted her game to help the team in all situations.

With Isabelle Yacoubou-Dehoi not playing this weekend it was Moeggenberg who took over the role of picking up defensive rebound (9 for the game).

She took the most important defensive rebound with 42 seconds remaining in the game.

She then set up a play that led to Tanisha Wright scoring with 24 seconds remaining to more or less set up the victory (62-58).

Frida Eldebrink ended the game with a couple of free-throws for Tarbes to win the match (64-58).

However Challes-les-Eaux will have to review what went wrong in this game as they led (22-6) after the first quarter and were ahead until the 35th minute of the game.

It was Polina Tzekova who made the Tarbes comeback perfect with a rainbow trey to put her side in the lead for good and end the chance of Challes-les-Eaux doing the double.

Wright was the top scorer for Tarbes with 21 points and Liene Jansone followed with 13 points while Carly Wilson led the scoring for Challes-les-Eaux with 15 points.

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Bourges Basket beat Union Hainaut Basket

Bourges Basket had an interesting tussle with Union Hainaut Basket for three quarters before pulling away for good in the final period to win (64-48).

The home team was confronted with a zone defense by Union Hainaut at the start of the game which slowed them down offensively, However they led (13-7) after six minutes of play.

Union Basket weathered the storm to reduce their deficit to 3 points by the end of the first period (17-20).

The second quarter was just a catalogue of misses by both teams as they managed to cancel themselves out defensively. Bourges held on to their 3-point advantage at the interval (32-29).

Union Basket came out more aggressively at the start of the third period and went back to zone. But then they lost Sabrina Palie for her fourth foul.Alessandra Santos De Oliveira © Ligue Féminine de BasketBall

Alessandra Santos De Oliveira (right) and Emméline Ndongue started to find space in the paint for Bourges Basket to increase their advantage by the end of the third period (44-37).

A three-pointer by Mélanie Plust for UHB at the start of final period was all that was needed for Bourges to switch defensive system.

Afterwards Bourges scored 11 straight points with Céline Dumerc scoring twice from the land of many (55-40).

UHB never recovered and Bourges Basket strolled to victory (64-48).

Three players from Bourges finished in double digits: Ndongue 13, Lelas 12 and Santos De Oliveira 11 points.

Bernadette (Mudju) Ngoyisa was the only player from UHB in double digits with 16 points.

LFB basketball news Box Score

All the results from round 21:

Tarbes 64-58 Challes-les-Eaux

SJS Reims 70-51 USO Mondeville

Aix-en-Provence 78-63 Clermont-Ferrand

Bourges Basket 64-48 Union Hainaut Basket

COB Calais 63-78 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Basket Landes 61-666 Lattes Montpellier

Asptt Arras 72-64 Nantes-Rezé

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Date created: 15 March 2009

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