LFB basketball news:
Joanne P. McCallie was in France

 MicheleVan Gorp, Liz Moeggenberg Joanne McCallie  Sheana Morsh  and  © LFB
LFB Basketball News: Michele Van Gorp, Liz Moeggenberg, Joanne McCallie & Sheana Morsh

While the Open LFB, Basket and the City 4, was making basketball news headlines with former players from the NCAA playing, Joanne McCallie was in the crowd watching.

But she was meet up with two former stars of Duke University, Sheana Mosch, playing at Montpellier, and Michele Van Gorp, playing at Nantes-Rezé.

She also had the chance to meet up with Tarbes' captain Liz Moeggenberg (Shimek) who played under coach McCallie while she was head coach at Michigan State University.

Jolene Anderson & Joanne McCallie ©womensbasketball-in-franceCoach McCallie is not a new face to France as she brought the national U21 squad to France in 2007 in preparation for the U21 championship. The team was based in Nice and swept France 3-0.

That US squad included Jolene Anderson (left) who missed the main photograph as she was preparing to play her first match. However she met up with her national coach after the game.

The Open LFB was McCallie's last stop before heading back for pre-season training with Duke University. This will be her second season at Duke after spending seven successful seasons at Michigan State.

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picture credits: womensbasketball-in-france.com
Date created: 08 October 2008

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