French basketball players abroad like Italy
Krissy Bade - Gescom MC1 Viterbo

Krissy Bade © USVOThere are five French basketball players abroad in Italy this season. The fifth member of this group is Krissy Bade.

She is currently playing for Gescom MC1 Viterbo. This is her first experience outside France.

She joined USVO in 2006 after leaving Mondeville. She captained the USVO team in their last season of existence.

Bade played for France 59 times and was in the team for the World Championships in 2006 and EuroBasket 2007.

She was not called up by Pierre Vincent for the EuroBasket 2009 qualifiers.

Bade is a product of the French national basketball Academy and was French NF1 champions with the CFBB in 1996.

She had to wait until 2007 for her next club honours when she won the French League and French Cup with USVO.

Before joining USVO Bade played for four other French clubs: Rennes, Villeneuve d'Ascq, Montpellier and Mondeville.

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picture credits:
Krisy Bade - USVO (2007-2008)

Date created: 21 November 2008

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