2010 FIBA World Championship Women draw information

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The 16 qualifiers for the 16th FIBA World Championship for women are: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Mali, Russia, Senegal, Spain and the USA.

Australia as the defending champions and the Czech Republic as the hosts were not required to qualify for the competition.

All the other nations participated in their zone qualification tournaments.

The tournament will be played in the Czech Republic in the cities of Karlovy Vary (final round), Ostrava and Brno (first and second round) between 23rd September and 3rd October 2010.

The draw will be held:
at the Grand Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
on Tuesday, 24th November 2009
at 11:30 AM CET (GMT-1).

Format of the competition

The teams are drawn into four groups of four teams, with each team playing the other three teams of their group in the preliminary round.

The top three teams from each group will advance to the qualification round, consisting of two groups of six teams.

The top four from each group will qualify for the quarter-final which then is played in a standard knock-out format.

The winners of this tournament automatically qualify for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

In 2006 France finished in fifth place in the World Championship.

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Date created: 19 November 2009

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