2011 FIBA Europe Player of the Year
Alba Torrens from Spain

Alba Torrens from Spain is the 2011 FIBA Europe European Player of the Year. She becomes the third player after Anete Jekabsone-Zogota (2005-2007) and Sandrine Gruda (2006-2009) to pick up the senior title after winning a Young Player of the Year award in 2009.

This award for Torrens rubber stamps her victory in the prestigious La Gazzetta dello Sport 2011 poll in which she edged out Sandrine Gruda and Eva Viteckova for the crown of player of the year.

Alba Torrens 2011 EuroLeague Women MVP © FIBA Europe Torrens just edged out three-time winner Maria Stepanova for the title while EuroBasket Women MVP Elena Danilochkina came third.

The victory of Torrens (in picture) this year is unique because she is the first player to be voted MVP for the EuroLeague Women final and be awarded as European player of the year in the same year.

In an official media release by FIBA Europe on Torrens, the President Olafur Rafnsson said: "She is a fantastic player and a wonderful person, I hope this well-deserved award serves as a sign that 2012 can be as good for her as 2011 was, despite the unfortunate start to the year."

The Secretary General Nar Zanolin added: "Alba's contribution goes beyond numbers. She runs the floor in transition, she is an excellent shooter and she doesn't lose her cool in the clutch. I cannot imagine any team, no matter how strong, that would not love to have her on its roster."

The award for player of the year is decided by a public vote and an expert voting panel and a weighting formula is used to determine the final ranking.


Player Points Player Points
Alba Torrens 17773 Alba Torrens 240 0.194
Maria Stepanova 6520 Maria Stepanova 251 0.181
Elena Danilochkina 6083 Elena Danilochkina 219 0.158
Sandrine Gruda 4485 Sandrine Gruda 180 0.129
Nevriye Yilmaz 10263 Nevriye Yilmaz 115 0.096
Eva Vitecková 4705 Eva Vitecková 98 0.074
Sandra Mandir 2880 Sandra Mandir 67 0.050
Iva Perovanovic 3201 Iva Perovanovic 50 0.039
Birsel Vardarli 13015 Birsel Vardarli 22 0.038
Emilie Gomis 4162 Emilie Gomis 39 0.034

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FIBA Europe

Date created: 07 February 2012

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