Trophée Coupe de France féminine
CSP Rezé and US Laveyron in final

The 2011 Trophée Coupe de France féminine failed in generating media interest unlike in previous seasons.

This year a lot of clubs invested more in the regional club competitions. However the Paris Basket 18 team from the lower regional league raised a few eyebrows with some giant killing exploits before being eliminated in the round of the last 16.

CSP Rezé celebrate after qualifying for Bercy 2011   © Quest-France

The Trophée Coupe de France féminine quarter-final weekend was played in two neutral venues.

The eight teams were split into two groups of four teams. They were then drawn to play each other in a final four tournament with a place in the final from each venue.

CSP Rezé more or less had home advantage in playing in La Garnache.

They had to overcome a 15-point handicap in beating Union Avenir (Sin Dechy Ostrevent) (80-56) in the quarter-final.

In the semi-final they faced Wasquehal who had beaten Le Poiré sur Vie (86-72) before.

Florine Courby   © femina-wasquehal Wasquehal were quickly into their game with Florine Courby (left) leading the way in a (11-5) run in the first five minutes.

Wasquehal dominated the first quarter (24-13) and held on to the advantage going into the locker room (39-31).

After the break Marie-Vicente Santa-Cruz stepped up the pace for CSP while Vanessa Turpin hit shot after shot.

CSP reduced the deficit to a single point (43-44) with three minutes left to play in the quarter.

Vanessa Turpin  © CSP Rezé Despite being on the back foot Wasquehal managed to take a 5-point lead going into the final quarter (49-44).

Turpin, (in picture) who scored 21 points in total, continued her one-lady demolition job. When Florence Genier joined in, CSP went in front for the first time with three minutes left to play (59-57) and then paced themselves to victory (66-60).

2008 runners-up US Laveyron qualified from the second venue after beating Saint Entienne (75-59) and La Tronche Meylain (94-57).

Weekend results

US Laveyron 75-59 ST Etienne Case B.
Furdenheim A.C.S.L.(H:+7) 85-88 BC La Tronche Meylan
Wasquehal 86-72 Le Poiré sur Vie
Union Avenir Basket (H:+15) 56-80 CSP Rezé

US Laveyron 94-57 BC La Tronche Meylan
Wasquehal 60-66 CSP Rezé

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Coupe de France picture credits:
CSP Rezé

Date created: 19 April 2010

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