Trophée Coupe de France féminine quarter-final weekend

The Trophée Coupe de France féminine quarter-final weekend was played in two neutral venues.

The eight teams were split into two groups of four teams. They were then drawn to play each other in a final four tournament with a place in the final from each venue.

Carine Brossais  © womensbasketball-in-france Angers-Union Féminine Basket's (UFAB 49) fantastic April continues after securing a NF2 play-off spot. They beat Wasquehal BF (73-72) and booked their ticket for Paris Bercy.

UFAB 49 brought in a new coach David Girandière at the start of the season.

They also acquired the services of former youth international and CFBB player Carine Brossais (left) who left Nantes-Rezé in the LFB to continue her studies in Angers.

In addition Sophie Le Marrec from Bourges Espoir, Amandine Chemineau from Pleyber-Christ and Agathe Panneau from Mondeville Espoir joined the club.

The club is a young team with an average age of 20.

Angers-Union Féminine Basket are going to Paris Bercy 2010  © UFAB 49 In the quarter-final UFAB 49 beat CM Aubervilliers (89-65) with 16 points coming from Elise Vieira and Le Marrec.

Brossais and Chemineau finished with 15 and 12 points each.

In the the semi-final they faced Wasquehal, who had beaten the regional team from Beaupréau (95-53).

Beaupréau who started with a 20-point bonus did not make things easy for Wasquehal and stayed in front (37-24) by the end of the first quarter.

Wasquehal pushed more in the second quarter and went into the locker room leading (49-41).

The second half was one-way traffic as the team from NF2 dominated the part-time players from Beaupréau.

In the semi-final Mathieu Espinous, the coach from Wasquehal suffered a defeat similar to when he had been the coach of COB Calais Cadettes in 2006.

That time his team had fallen short against USVO, who had gone on to win the competition.

In the semi-final match Wasquehal went into the locker room leading (40-35) and looked to have the game in control.

However after the break UFAB 49 were more aggressive and started to score more regularly from the free-throw line. They regained the lead and went into the final quarter with a 3-point advantage (56-53).

The final quarter was typical of NF2 basketball, with a lot of action, tension, missed shots and free-throws. Wasquehal lost the battle of concentration allowing UFAB 49 to win.

Vieira and Brossais scored 17 and 16 points each as Angers won by a single point (73-72).

For Florine Courby who was at the CFBB with Brossais it was not one of the happiest meetings with her former team-mate.

Wasquehal will now concentrate on the NF2 play-offs.

Alexandra Ilvovskaya  © ASVilleurbanneIn the other group AS Villeurbanne have to thank Alexandra Ilvovskaya (left) who scored 25 points during their semi-final victory against 2006 Trophée Coupe de France féminine winners Perpignan (74-72).

However the game went to the wire because Flore Pérotto from Perpignan levelled the score (68-68) with two minutes left to play.

AnnAngeleTCHOUMBA20092010.jpg  © ASVilleurbannePérotto who used to play in the LFB with Lattes Montpellier three seasons ago hit a trey for her side to take the lead. However with the clock running down Anne Tchoumba (right) hit a buzzer beater from the top of the key to sent Villeurbanne into the final.

Ilvovskaya was also the hero in the quarter-final match against Marseilles (SMUC): she scored 33 points during the (77-71) victory of her team.


AS Villeurbanne 74-72 Perpignan
Angers 73-72 Wasquehal


AS Villeurbanne 77-71 Stade Marseille US
Saint-Etienne 54-60 Perpignan

Beaupréau 53-95 Wasquehal
Aubervilliers 65-89 Angers

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Coupe de France picture credits:
Angers-Union Féminine Basket - UFAB 49
AS Villeurbanne

Date created: 19 April 2010

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