Basketball news: Tarbes add Emma Randall to LFB Roster

MCM Municipal Taragoviste have a habit of making international basketball news this season with the signing of high profile players. It was announced that Tina Thompson and Linda Fröhlich would be joining the club for the second phase of the Romania Championship.

 Emma Randall   © Ligue Féminine de Basket While we are waiting for confirmation when these players are going to join the club, it is official that Emma Randall (left), international Australian player, has left MCM Municipal Taragoviste.

She returns to France to play for Tarbes. Randall played in France last season with Clermont-Ferrand (2008-2009).

However due to the financial situation she left the club at the end of February. Yet she had led the Ligue Féminine de Basket with 17.8 points per game and had had an efficiency average of 20.4.

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Picture credits:
Ligue Féminin de basketball - LFB

Date: 4 January 2010

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