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Amateur Basketball news: US Laveyron still unbeaten in Nationale Féminine 2

In the past the winner from each pool had the right to be promoted to NF1 the following season. There were some exceptions and the rule whereby it stopped clubs from the LFB having a second team in NF1 for example.

Clubs could also refuse promotion, which has been a regular occurrence over the years. This season the format changed and the top two teams from each group qualify for a play-off.

The draw for the play-offs will see the teams from group A and D meet in one set of quarter-finals and group B and group C in the other quarter-finals. The matches will be played on a home and away basis using the aggregate score system.

The winners from each quarter-final series will then participate in the NF2 final four series to determine the NF2 French champions.

Seven quarter-finalists are already known. By the end of this weekend Tours or Feytiat from group B will join the list.

The quarter-final match-ups are scheduled to take place on the 3 and 10 of May. The draw is as follows:

  • Furdenheim - Laveyron

  • Nice CAB - SIG (a repeat of the Coupe de France semi-final)

  • Ifs - Colomiers

  • Tours or Feytiat - USVO Espoir

    USVO Espoir are not allowed to play in NF1 next season. So if they win the NF2 title at the end of the play-off series, their opponents from the quarter-final will be offered a place in NF1. If Ifs win their series with Colomiers, it is not certain that they accept promotion. The club voluntarily dropped out of NF1 last season.

    No matter what happens in this series it may take some time to determine which teams will be playing in NF1 next season. This uncertainty is the beauty of French Amateur basketball.

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    News pictures courtesy of US Laveyron,
    Date: 25 April 2008

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