Amateur basketball player of the year awards for NF2 2009-2010

This is the last season of amateur basketball in NF2 as a new structure will be put in place. had created the first national awards for players in this division last year and decided with their sponsors to continue the award.

There are 56 teams playing in NF2 this season. There are four groups made up of 14 teams split geographically (South-East, South-West, North-East and North-West).

The coaches from each team were asked to choose the five best players from their group, regardless of position played.

In addition’s regional correspondents and an independent basketball observer voted.

Adriana Cavojska, a player from the Slovak Republic won the award in group A. Cavojska was the runner-up in group D last season and is in her fifth season in France. She played in the EuroLeague Women final four in 2002.

Agathe Degorces had played for France U16 in 2008. She won the award from group B, while correspondent Juliane Höhne from Germany picked up the award from group C.

Sophie Pruvost, the winnner from group D, had played in the LFB before moving up to the North of France.

Furthermore players from other Europeans countries as well as America and Canada have been placed in the top 10.

You can view the award placings for each group by clicking on the links below or by scrolling down the page:

Group A - South-East

Group B - South-West

Group C - North-West

Group D - North-East

Group A - South-East

Adriana Cavojska © AS Villeurbanne Basket FémininPlayer of the year: Adriana Cavojska (Villeurbanne, Republic of Slovakia)

2. Audrey Bouygues (Marseille) (French player of the year)

3. Emilie Barruet (Marseille) and Nathalie Bayac (Saint-Etienne)

5. Ingrid Bunel (Saint-Etienne)

6. Zsuzsa Tarnaï (La Tronche-Meylan, Hungary)

7. Anne-Angèle Tchoumba (Villeubanne)

8. Angelia Crealock (Saint-Etienne, Canada)

9. Laure-Hélène Pottiez (La Tronche-Meylan) and Alice Viotty (La Tronche-Meylan)

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Group B - South-West

Agathe Degorces © FIBA EuropePlayer of the year: Agathe Degorces (Mourenx EBPLO)

2. Joëlle Hippolyte (Colomiers)

3. Gunita Viksna (Mourenx EBPLO, Latvia)

4. Marie Butard (La Couronne)

5. Linda Bousbaa (Lattes-Montpellier Espoirs) and Katarina Brestovanska (Argenton-Thouars, Republic of Slovakia)

7. Delphine Donnez (Feytiat) and Stéphanie Simarro (Perpignan)

9. Flore Perotto (Perpignan)

10. Martine Barba (La Garnache) and Cyrielle Hughes (Lattes-Montpellier Espoirs)

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Group C - North-West

Juliane Höhne © Evreux AC Basket Player of the year: Juliane Höhne (Evreux, Germany)

2. Perrrine Le Leuc'h (Le Chesnay-Versailles)(French player of the year)

3. Lesley Bocquet-Brown (Sceaux, USA)

4. Clémentine Samson (Rennes) and Lara Tran van Nho (Le Havre)

6. Carine Brossais (Angers) and Rachel Goutière (Ouistreham)

8. Pauline Rimbaud (Poitiers)

9. Jolie M'Backa N'Doo (Le Havre)

10. Justyna Lambert (Evreux, Polond)

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Group D - North-East

Sophie Pruvost  © Fémina Wasquehal Basket Player of the year: Sophie Pruvost (Wasquehal)
2.Johanna Cortinovis (Wasquehal)

3. Olivia Epoupa (CFBB) and Sanela N'Gayo-Ljaic (Chenôve)

5. Marie Fouteret (Aulnoye-Aymeries)

6. Julia Moutier (Furdenheim)

7. Oly Sene (Franconville)

8. Noémie Recoura (Chenôve)

9. Kekelly Elenga (Bourges Espoirs) and Pauline Jehl (Geispolsheim)

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Amateur basketball picture credits:

AS Villeurbanne Basket Féminin
Evreux AC Basket
Fémina Wasquehal Basket
Date created: 01 April 2010

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