Amateur basketball player of the year awards for NF2 2008-2009

Officially there are no Amateur basketball awards at a national level for women playing basketball in France given by the French basketball Federation (FFBB).

However who already give out national awards for NF1 decided to compensate players in Nationale Féminine 2.

There are 55 teams playing in NF2 instead of 56 because only 13 teams are in group B.

The four groups are split geographically (South-East, South-West, North-East and North-West).

The coaches from each team were asked to choose the five best players from their group, regardless of position played.

In addition’s regional correspondents voted.

From the four players that won the award, two players have played in the LFB and another player has played for clubs in the EuroLeague Women.

In additions players from other Europeans countries as well as America, Canada, Nigeria and Senegal finished in the top ten for their division.

Group A:

Christelle Jouandon  © Nice CABPlayer of the year: Christelle Jouandon (Nice CAB)

2. Alice Viotty (La Tronche-Meylan)
3. Audrey Bouygues (Marseille)
4. Jézabel Richard (Nice CAB)
5. Ingrid Bunel (Istres)
6. Sabine Falcoz (Nice CAB)
7. Angelia Crealock (Saint-Etienne, Canada)
8. Stéphanie Heitz (Saint-Etienne)
9. Nathalie Bayac (Saint-Etienne), Marina Maaden (Marseille), Aurélie Moreau (Saint-Etienne), Aline Pagnier (Saint-Jean-de-Muzols) and Virginie Santucci (Nice CAB)

Group B:

Katarina Brestovanska  © Argenton-ThouarsPlayer of the year: Katarina Brestovanska (Argenton-Thouars, Republic of Slovakia)

2. Marie Butard (La Couronne) (French player of the year)
3. Ellen Ménard (CSP Rezé)
4. Babette M'Bah-Nerrière (Val-de-Loire)
5. Dessislava Anguelova ( Val-de-Loire, Bulgaria)
6. Viera Libicova (Val-de-Loire, Republic of Slovakia)
7. Ana Ferreira Sousa (CSP Rezé, Portugal) and Cindy Carré (Puilboreau)
9. Fanny Bronner (Poitiers) 10. Marion Arfélis (Tarbes)
and Zelika Ide Eloga (Brive, Nigeria)

Group C:

Lala Wane   © Gravenchon Player of the year: Lala Wane (Gravenchon)

2. Perrrine Le Leuc'h (Le Chesnay-Versailles)
3. Sophie Pruvost (Wasquehal)
4. Lesley Bocquet-Brown (Le Chesnay-Versailles, USA) and Jolie M'Backa N'Doo (Le Havre)
6. Rachel Goutière (Ouistreham)
7. Awa Gueye (Gravenchon, Senegal)
8. Lara Tran van Nho (Le Havre)
9. Helena Ciak (Saran)
10. Michelande Auger (Le Havre), Diana Brestovanska (Le Havre, Republic of Slovakia) and Kelly Corre (Mondeville)

Group D:

JulieLeopold  © FC Lyon,Player of the year: Julie Legoupil (Lyon)

2. Adriana Cavojska (Villeurbanne)
3. Emilie Maurice (Lyon)
4. Christel Dumas (Charnay-Mâcon)
5. Elodie Decker (Charnay-Mâcon) and Renata Hirakova (Furdenheim, Republic of Slovakia)
7. Vanessa Turpin (Sceaux)
8. Sarah Bohy (Villeurbanne)
9. Liene Bernsone (Lyon, Latvia) and Janeka Lopp (Montbrison,USA)

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picture credits: & the clubs from NF2

Date created: 05 March 2009

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