U18 European Championship Women
Division B
Youth International Basketball in Eilat

 U18 Division B poster 2009 The picture for the qualification round of the youth international basketball tournament is becoming clearer with Greece and Bosnia qualifying from Group D.

Greece beat Norway (59-39) while Bosnia won against Croatia (64-61)in a dramatic fashion.

In Group B Slovenia booked their ticket after beating Switzerland (76-47).

All three teams from Group A are already in the second round after Estonia had withdrawn from the competition.

Germany have also qualified after beating Denmark (68-61).

You can read more about youth international basketball reports from the following games by clicking on the following links or scrolling down the page:

Netherlands 71-62 Israel

Switzerland 47-76 Slovenia

Romania 71-58 England

Portugal 64-43 Finland

 Netherlands defeat Israel copy; WomensBasketball-in-france.com

The Netherlands back on course after beating Israel

The Netherlands started the game more aggressively and led (6-2) with Tessel van Dongen doing the early damage with 4 points after three minutes of play.

Van Dongen continued her festival by hitting a rainbow three-pointer when left open. At that time the Netherlands completely dominated the hosts.

Israel's early problems continued when Shira Ben Barak took a slight knock that dazed her. She had to leave the court for a short moment.

The Netherlands continued to play aggressively and stretched their lead (15-4) after a couple of free-throws by Rianne Hofstraat with just under six minute played.

The pace of the game changed and Israel started to run more with the ball and hit back on the fast break with 5 points from Ben Barak.

 Netherlands playing basketball against Israel in Eilat copy; WomensBasketball-in-france.comHowever the Netherlands used their height advantage well and kept on getting easy baskets in the paint. Zara Butter scored her 6th point on the buzzer for the Netherlands to win the first period (24-11).

Israel changed their approach in the second period and started to shoot more from the outside and reduced their deficit to 10 points with (17-27) with three minutes played as Avigiel Cohen stepped up.

The Netherlands weathered the storm and got back into their stride.

Butter and Cohen then had a private contest in which both players scored 5 points.

Yet the Netherlands remained in control and held on their advantage (35-25) with three minutes left to play in the second quarter.

The Netherlands continued to alternate their inside play with perimeter shooting which resulted in Romee van der Vlies firing in from the land of many.

Cohen scored her 14th point of the quarter to end the scoring but it was the Netherlands that went into the interval leading (41-29).

No points were scored at the beginning of the third period. But Israel were looking for a way to draw Butter into committing her 4th file, which she did after 2 ½ minutes of play on Hadar Gutin.

The Netherlands eventually opened the scoring with Marlou de Kleijn scoring back to back baskets which was quickly followed by a trey from Hofstraat (48-29).

The Israeli head coach Edny Dagan called for a time-out and asked Cohen to start scoring. She responded with back to back scores. Yet Israel allowed de Kleijn to go coast to coast.

The game became physical and with Cohen starting to cause problems Ria Boring called for a time-out despite leading (53-38).

Her answer was to bring Butter back on who quickly responded with a baseline jumper.

The Netherlands went into the final period leading (57-43).

Israel ran their hearts out during the first five minutes of the final quarter but with Cohen, the only offensive solution, the Netherlands managed to control the pace of the game. They led (65-53) with four minutes left in the game.

The last three minutes were typical youth international basketball with bodies flying all over the place as players attempted to make space when there was none.

The Dutch players were not intimated by the crowd and held on to win (71-60) with three players in double digits.

Butter led the attack with 18 points and 15 rebounds, Cohen hit 35 points for Israel.

Youth International Basketball Box Scores Box Scores.

Slovenia already in qualifying round

 TjasaGortnar at the free-throw line in Eilat © ITSports Limor NoahSlovenia got off to a flying start with Tjasa Gortnar (right) and Nika Baric finding their way to the basket for their side to lead (12-4) after four minutes.

Switzerland quickly picked themselves up with three-pointers by Fanny Delacrétaz and Dorothée Studer as they started to chase after the score.

Damir Grigic started to turn his bench and although they led (21-12) the pendulum was swinging in favour for Switzerland after Baric was called for an intentional foul.

The Swiss finished the quarter with a 5-0 run to trail (21-25) at the interval.

Switzerland continued their festival at the start of the second period with Rosalie Grobet doing all the damage inside and scoring.

Studer then went coast to coast to tie the game. Then Switzerland went into the lead for the first time with a three-pointer by Lisa Mazzocchi to complete a 10-0 run (28-25).

Slovenia suddenly found themselves in a youth international basketball dog fight. It took the skills of Baric and Gortnar to get Slovenia out of the trap as they regained the lead (34-28).

Mazzocchi hit another trey for Switzerland but Bojana Adamovic replied in kind for Slovenia.

Slovenia, back in the driving seat, finished with a flourish to go into the interval leading (45-35).

Slovenia, more disciplined after the break, kept Switzerland scoreless for eight minutes while scoring 13 points as they brought an end to the game as a contest.

Once again the Slovenian bench was on the floor and went into the final quarter leading (60-38).

Slovenia completely dominated the rest of the game and won easily (76-47).

Youth International Basketball Box Scores Box Scores.

Romania cruise past England

Gabriela Cursaru opened the scoring for Romania with a coast to coast after almost a minute of play.

Her pace caused England problems as Romania took an early lead (8-6) as she made space for team-mates to score.

Early foul problems for Francesca Whitby meant that England needed to change tactics and were soon back on level terms with Jamila Thompson (10-10).

Romania took advantage of their height to score easy baskets in the paint.

 England and  Romania play basketball Eilat © ITSports Limor NoahBut England went in front after solo efforts from Lucy Fish and Kristie Sheils (14-13).

The two sides traded baskets as the pace increased with the lead changing hand on every score with Romania wining the exchange.

Sonia Ursu completed the scoring for Romania to lead (19-18) at the end of the first period.

Romania started in the same way with 2 points from the wing but were not able to extend their advantage and England regained the lead through Ella Clark.

Deirdre Hayes switched to a taller line-up.

However England lost their way and Romania went on a 9-0 run to open the first significant lead of the game (30-22) with just over four minutes remaining in the second period.

England changed tactics again and went very small and chased after the score but a three-pointer by Cursaru enabled Romania to go into the interval leading (33-26).

Romania absorbed everything which was thrown at them. They hit shots on the counter attack to stretch their advantage (46-33) after another three-pointer by Cursaru

 Katrin Chiemeka surrounded by Romanian basketball players in Eilat © ITSports Limor NoahKatrin Chiemeka (right) stepped up offensively for England with a couple of treys.

But Romania kept on scoring on the fast break and extended their lead (56-41) after Cursaru hit her third trey of the game.

England reduced the deficit after a basket by force from Thompson and a coast to coast from Whitby (45-56)

The final period started at an electrifying pace with Romania catching England on the fast break again to open the scoring. Another three-pointer by cancelled out the basket from Renee Busch as Romania led (63-48) with eight minutes left to play.

England huffed and puffed but the ball refused to drop and Romania's advantage grew (68-50).

Romania held their nerve and went on to win (72-58).

Youth International Basketball Box Scores Box Scores.

 Portugal discuss basketball tactics after first period © WomensBasketball-in-france.com

Portugal stay in the race for qualification

Portugal wasted little time in getting down to business with Victória Pacheco scoring 2 quick baskets within 40 seconds from the start of the game.

Portugal dominated Finland in all areas of the game and scored at will to lead (18-4) with just five minutes on the clock.

Finland found it difficult to break the Portuguese defensive wall and the pace of Maria Correia as they lost the first quarter (9-29).

Finland were more lively after the two-minute break and scored 4 quick points within 50 seconds.

They kept Portugal scoreless while scoring again, which resulted in Mariyana Kostourkova calling a time-out.

Finland made it 8-0 off a lay-up by Vilja Kesänen.

Portugal finally found the way to the basket again with a three-pointer by Filipa Bernardeco.

Finland’s player to player marking system put a halt on the advance of Portugal while they reduced their deficit to 9 points (27-36) with 84 seconds remaining in the quarter.

 Maria Correia playing for Portugal in Elilat © WomensBasketball-in-france.comCorreia (right) and a buzzer beater by Maria Andrade allowed Portugal to go into the interval leading (40-27).

The third quarter did not live up to expectation as both teams spent most of the 10 minutes doing a lot of running and very little scoring that left both coaches frustrated.

However Portugal maintained their advantage and went into the final quarter leading (51-37).

The game improved in the final quarter as Portugal stepped on the accelerator and stretched their advantage (57-40).

The game fizzled out and will not go into the annual of youth international basketball. Portugal went on to win (64-43).

Youth International Basketball Box Scores Box Scores.

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Israel open with a win with 28 points from Cohen

U18 European Championship Women Division B 2009 is hosted by Israel

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