12 players for FIBA U19 World Championship for Women
U19 Youth International basketball roster for Thailand

 Grégory Halin © FIBA Europe Grégory Halin’s youth international basketball preparation for the U19 was more difficult than expected because of the number of players involved in the U18 preparation.

Halin started his preparation with matches against visiting American Universities in May but put his first official training roster together in June.

Fanny Cavello, Kelly Corre, Jessica De Armorim, Leslie Fournier, Céline Girard, Bettina Kadila, Elsa Martin and Najet Quardad were in the 14-player roster that played in a three-game series against Sweden U20.

None of these players got selected for the youth international basketball U19 FIBA World Championship for Women in Thailand.

Sweden beat France in all three games (66-62), (75-57) and (78-60).

Ouardad, who has been playing high school basketball in America, and Armorim were the first to be dropped from the squad after this series.

The next test for France was a 4-nation international tournament in Troyes, France: with Argentina, Russia and the Czech Republic.

France beat Argentina (60-53) and the Czech Republic (63-58) before losing to Russia (43-56).

Although it was difficult to draw many conclusions after this competition due to the fact that the U18 European Championship was being played, decisions were already been made on which players to drop.

France played Argentina in a friendly training session a few days later and won (54-47).

With the European U18 Championship concluded Halin drew up his final squad. After two days preparation in France they left for Thailand.

They played one match against the USA and were beaten (86-48).

The members of the final 12-player roster were Laurie Datchy, Eléonore Grossemy, Myriam Igoufe, Aminata Konate, Adja Konteh, Maud Medenou, Hhadydia Minte, Margaux Okou Zouzouo, Alexia Plagnard, Isabelle Strunc, Pauline Thizy and Allison Vernerey.

The assistant coaches were: Laura Savasta and Alban Le Bigot.

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Date created: 18 July 2009

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