Youth international basketball:
2009 European Championship draw

France qualify for U20 women final in 2008  © FIBA EuropeYouth international basketball is important for France.

This season they will have teams participating in the U16, U18 and U20 age groups during the FIBA European Championships for Women Division A.

Although not related to women’s basketball, France will host the U18 European Championship for Men Division A in Metz this summer between 23rd July until 2nd August.

The dates and venues for the 2009 FIBA Europe youth events for women are as follows:

Division A:

U20 European Championship Women, Division A, 9 - 19 July, Gdynia, Poland

U18 European Championship Women, Division A, 2 - 12 July, Sodertalje, Sweden

U16 European Championship Women, Division A, 30 July - 9 August, Naples, Italy

Division B:

U20 European Championship Women, Division B, 7 - 15 July, Ohrid, Macedonia

U18 European Championship Women, Division B, 2 - 12 July, Eilat, Israel

U16 European Championship Women, Division B, 30 July - 9 August, Tallin, Estonia

Division C:

U18 European Championship Women, Division C, 13 - 19 July, Malta

France U16 women won Bronze in 2008  © FIBA EuropeDuring the 2008 European champions France won a silver medal in the U20 category and bronze medal in the U16 age group.

They also finished fourth in the U18 competition which enabled them to qualify for the FIBA U19 World Championships for Women.

The qualification for the U19 World Championships may have an impact on players selected for the U18 and U20 teams this summer.

For the first time since 2002 there are no sponsors at the time of the draw for any of the youth international basketball events.

Termosteps agreement for the U16 competition ended last season while the U18 and U20 competitions had no sponsors.

European Championship Draw Division A

European Championship Draw Division B

2009 European Championship draw Division A

U16 Women

Group A: Italy, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey

Group B: Belarus, Belgium, Finland and Spain

Group C: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Russia

Group D: France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland

U18 Women

Group A: Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden and Poland

Group B: Belgium, Latvia, Spain and Turkey

Group C: France, Russia, Slovak Republic and Ukraine

Group D: Belarus, Czech Republic, Italy and Lithuania

U20 Women

Group A: Germany, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine

Group B: Bulgaria, Italy, Montenegro and Serbia

Group C: Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

Group D: Belarus, France, Sweden and Russia

2009 European Championship draw Division B

U16 Women

Group A: Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Montenegro and Slovak Republic

Group B: Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Romania and Switzerland

Group C: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Slovenia

Group D: England, Netherlands, Portugal and Ukraine

U18 Women

Group A: England, Estonia, Hungary and Romania

Group B: Finland, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland

Group C: Denmark, Germany, Israel and Netherlands

Group D: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece and Norway

U20 Women

Group A: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary and Portugal*

Group B: Israel, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania and Slovak Republic

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FIBA Europe

Date created: 07 March 2009

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