International youth basketball: Australian gems at home at Rezé

The Australian gems' youth basketball programme in the last few seasons has seen them come to France and leave with silverware.

This has not changed as they picked up the winner's trophy for the "Rezé Basket International" after beating Turkey (76-53) in the final.

The final did not start well for Australia with Turkey scoring first and Kerryn Harrington picking up 2 early fouls.

Yet the gems' solid perimeter shooting enabled them to recover and finish the first quarter ahead (18-13).

Turkey struggled to break the Australian defense and went into the interval trailing (23-37).

The Autstralian team was more experienced than their opponents and was not troubled for the rest of the game as they paced themselves to victory.

Rebecca Cole led the attack with 17 points while Harrington and Jillian Haughton contributed 15 and 14 points each.

For Turkey Ayse Cora led all scoring with a game high 18 points.

In the match for third place Russia beat Sweden (66-52). Russia did the damage in the third quarter and kept Sweden scoreless for 10 minutes while scoring 22 points to go into the lead.

Héléna Akmouche gave a reminder of her basketball talents as she led France to victory against Belgium (63-56). She finished the match with 18 points.

In the first match of the day the Czech Republic came from behind to deny the Netherlands a victory (75-73).

Day 4 results:

Australia 76-53 Turkey
Russia 66-52 Sweden
France 63-56 Belgium
Czech Republic 75-73 Netherlands

Day 3 results:

Belgium 50-61 Sweden
Turkey 52-41 Netherlands
Czech Republic 68-89 Australia
France 36-62 Russia

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Date created: 27 June 2010

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