NF1 round news summary - Nantes-Rezé are in the LFB

NF1 round 30 brings an end this weekend to the regular season after a break for the Coupe de France.

Looking back at NF1 round 29

Nantes-Rezé are NF1 Regular season champions Nantes-Rezé secured the prize of regular season champions after their road victory against Lyon (68-55) while Charleville and Basket Landes booked their ticket for the NF1 play-offs with victories against Armentières and Pleyber-Christ.

Charleville had to go to overtime before overcoming Armentières (75-68) whereas Basket Landes held off the challenge of Pleyber-Christ(77-73). Dunkerque failed in booking their place for the play-off as they lost to the CFBB (53-80).

Elsewhere Nice lost at home to Limoges (77-47) and Voiron came out on top to beat Rennes (85-81). La Roche secured their status in NF1 for another season with a road victory against Lot Garonne UST (82-61). Marseille gave themselves a chance of avoiding the drop with an important victory against Strasbourg (78-68).

Marseilles' victory and defeats for Pleyber-Christ and Lyon has set up a three-way mini-championship at the bottom with all three teams on the same record. Marseilles have the better head to head record of the three teams and as a result moved up to 14th place.

Basketball news from NF1

In what is becoming a tradition in NF1, nobody is sure on how many teams will be relegated at the end of the season.

Lot Garonne UST (Le Temple) confirmed that they would leave NF1 at the end of the season but it now appears that an arrangement has been made with Toulouse that could change this.

In another case Racing Strasbourg which will be dissolved at the end of the season may also remain in NF1 under the name of Strasbourg Alsace Basket.

There is a question mark against Mourenx despite the announcement of a budget of close to ¾ million Euro.

In addition the promotion from NF2 is not clear due to the presence of USVO in the final four. USVO cannot be promoted to NF1. As a consequence the fourth spot will be offered to the loser of the eventual NF2 champions of France. Not all the teams that contested the play-offs have the infrastructure for NF1. The SIG and Laveyron are the two clubs in the final four whose programmes for the season were NF1 qualification. Ifs voluntarily dropped out of NF1 last season.

What does all this means for NF1 round 30?


Voiron will finish the season in 13th place no matter the result of their final game. They will be re-elected because of the merger between Saint Amand and USVO. This weekend Voiron will play at home against Lot Garonne UST.

Pleyber-Christ will play at home against Dunkerque. A match that both teams need to win for different reasons. If Dunkerque wins they qualify for the play-offs. If they lose and Armentières lose they will still qualify for the play-offs. If Pleyber-Christ win they will finish ahead of Lyon. In case of a defeat they will finish no better than 15th.

Armentières will be at home to play Marseille (Team photo above) and have to win. They also hope that Pleyber-Christ defeats Dunkerque to qualify for the play-offs. A victory for Marseilles will guarantee 14th place and end Armentières' play-off ambitions.

Lyon travel to Nice to play a match they cannot afford to lose. A defeat will condemn them to last position.So by the luck of the draw NF1 will have an explosive finish to the regular season.

The importance of the final placing for the teams in the relegation zone is the rules for possible re-election which are as follows:

1. If a team above them decides to drop out of NF1 then the clubs under them move up a position.

2. If the clubs entitled to be promoted from NF2 decide not take up the offer, then the place is offered to the teams placed in the relegation zone of NF1.

It is possible that by the end of the season no teams are relegated. Last season only Toulouse went down to NF2.

In the other matches Nantes Rezé will celebrate their promotion to the LFB with a home tie against Limoges while Basket Landes take on the CFBB.

Charleville will host Strasbourg and will be without Floriane Herrscher and Jeanne Senghor. There is also a question mark on whether Clarisse M'Paka will suit up to face her former club.

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NF1 round 28 pictures courtesy of the FFBB and Nantes-Rézé

Date: 23 May 2008

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