NF1 round 23: Dunkerque are back while Pleyber-Christ move up the table

Pleyber-Christ 2007-2008
NF1 Round 23: Pleyer-Christ victory moves them up the table

Dunkerque’s match with Armentières was played on Friday evening with the hosts stealing the victory (57-53). Dunkerque have not been solid at home and Armentières took advantage to go into the lead from the start. They were ahead (19-11) at the end of the first period.

The guests held onto the lead until the 34th minute of the game when Dunkerque tied the game (50-50). The next four minutes were tense as neither side was able to score. Dunkerque then went in front for the first time. Despite their opponents drawing level the home side found the resource and will to score a couple more baskets to win the game and resurrect their play-off ambition.

Charleville had a friendly match during the week against LFB high-flyers Reims and were beaten (74-70) in overtime. So they were ready for their important match against Lyon. Charleville was leading from start to finish to win (63-43).

Laurie DatchyElsewhere Nantes-Rezé got back to winning ways as they overcame Voiron (72-66) while Basket Landes maintained their challenge at the top with a routine victory against bottom club Marseille (89-65).

In the middle of the table with Nice losing at home (55-59) to Lot-et-Garonne UST ends their challenge for the play-offs. 26 points by Laurie Datchy (left) helped the CFBB beat Rennes (74-59).

Delphine DonnezLimoges did not have all their way in the first half of the match against La Roche and trailed to their guests (29-34) at the interval. They managed to take control in the third period with a (25-10) run and held on to win (78-67). Delphine Donnez (in picture) hit 5 treys and scored 22 points for Limoges.

Pleyber-Christ were the only team in the bottom four to win as they held off Strasbourg (68-60).

NF1 classification /standing after 23 rounds

Club Points
1 Nantes Rezé 42
2 Basket Landes 40
3 Charleville 40
4 Armentières 39
5 Dunkerque 38
6 Lot Garonne UST 35
7 Nice 35
8Rennes 34
9 Limoges 34
10 Strasbourg 34
11 La Roche 33
12 CFBB 33
13 Pleyber Christ 29
14 Voiron 29
13 Lyon29
14 Marseille 28

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NF1 round 23 pictures courtesy of Ligue Féminine de BasketBall

Date: 16 March 2008

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