Milica Dabovic is coming to France

Milica Dabovic
Milica Dabovic signing with USO Mondeville

Caroline Aubert confirmed last night that she was leaving the club to join UMMC Ekaterinburg. Furthermore Silvia Janostinova is ruled out for the rest of the season so the club was in need of reinforcement. With Dabovic Mondeville has signed another international player to reinforce their LFB team.

Dabovic who will turn 26 in February comes from a family that have a good basketball tradition.

She has played for all the big clubs in Serbia before moving to Russia in 2005 to join UMMC Ekaterinburg, then coached by the Serbian national head coach Zoran Visic.

After a successful season with Ekaterinburg Dabovic moved to Spartak Moscow. However she was not played as much as she liked and left them to join TEO Vilinus.

This season has been rather nomadic as she returned to Spartak Moscow only to leave again for TEO Vilnius. She also had a short spell with Mizo Pécs 2010 during the FIBA World League at the beginning of the season.

29 September 2007 in Ortana, Italy: Dabovic scored 30 points including the game’s winning shot when Serbia beat Russia during EuroBasket 2007. You can listen to her explanation of this moment:

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Pictures courtesy of FIBA Europe

Date: 24 January 2008

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