LFB Round 6: Mourenx and Tarbes lost fifth straight game

Round 6 match summaries for three games and LFB roster details and individual points for all the matches.

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1. Calais 79-70 Challes-les Eaux
2. Lattes Montpellier 80-66 Mourenx
3. Tarbes 57-76 Clermont-Ferrand
4. Saint-Amand 57-66 Valenciennes
5. Villeneuve d'Ascq 74-65 Mondeville (no report)
6. Arras 94-84 Aix-en-Provence (scores only)

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Reims 54-74 Bourges

Calais 79-70 Challes-les Eaux (20-25, 13-15, 24-13, 22-17)

Aurélie Cibert was on fire as she led her Calais team with 23 points which included 3-of-5 from beyond the arc, 8 rebounds and 4 steals as they came from behind in the first quarter to win their second LFB match of the season.

Calais started the match with good in tensions but soon fell behind (21-13) while struggling to contain Jessica Davenport and Martina Luptakova. With Allyson Hardy picking up three early personal fouls Cyril Sicsic was forced to change his approach and by the end of the first period the deficit was reduced (25-20). Challes increased their advantage by the interval (40-33).It is difficult to pin-point the actual moment that the pendulum swung in the favour of Calais: Laureen Neaves’ block on Davenport, Hardy’s fast break, a trey by Lina Brazdeikyte or Mariame Dia in your-face-approach. Whatever it was Calais scored 12 unanswered points to go in front (50-47). The two sides continued to trade basket for basket with Lucie Bouthors taking Calais into the final period with a precious lead (57-53) as she finished the quarter with a lay-up on the buzzer. The game was tied for the last time (59-59) before the home side took control and went on to record their second LFB victory of the season.

Calais: Andrea Csaszar 9 (10 rebounds), Allyson Hardy 6, Lucie Bouthors 10, Vanessa Candelier 0, Mariame Dia 11, Aurélie Cibert 23, Lina Brazdeïkyte 18, Lauren Neaves

Challes-les-Eaux: Tiffany Jackson 9, Laine Badiane 5, Emilie Duvivier 5, Slavka Frniakova 10, Stéphanie Dubois 11, Johanne Gomis 14, Martina Luptakova 8, Jessica Davenport 8, Marie Bacquet 0

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Lattes Montpellier 80-66 Mourenx (26-17, 18-18, 14-16, 22-15)

Montpellier was never in trouble in the game with Gunta Basko finishing her first LFB match with 18 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists, and with Sandra Dijon with a double-double. Montpellier had a 12-0 run midway through the second period (44-28) and with this advantage ended all suspense in this match. Grace Daley, also from Montpellier, found her shooting touch and contributed 17 points. Without Ana Lelas Mourenx started the game already handicapped. Justine Agbatan found her magic touch and finished with 20 points, but this was not enough as Mourenx lost their fifth consecutive match in the LFB.

Montpellier: Katia Manic 12, Grace Daley 17, Chris Jouandon 4, Gunta Basko 18, Olga Podkovalnikova 2, Aurélie Bonnan 10, Charline Servage 0, Sandra Dijon 10, Moises Piinto 15

Mourenx: Virginie Kévorkian 5, Isis Arrondo 3, Géraldeine Devaux 3, Justine Agbatan 20 (5 assists), Penda Sy 14, Béatrice Castets 5, Kaayla Chones 8, Polina Tzekova 8

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Tarbes 57-76 Clermont-Ferrand (12-18, 20-16, 13-23, 12-19)

Losing matches at home is definitely not on the agenda for teams looking to finish high in the LFB standing. Tarbes have only one victory so far this season and the arrival of Patrick Maucouvert at the head has not had the expected effect as Clermont-Ferrand came away with all the points in a match that they led for practically all of the game. Elena Nikipolskaïa and Pauline Krawczyk scored 19 points apiece for the winners while Jennifer Butler finished with a double-double as Clermont-Ferrand went about business in the second half of the match with little resistance from the hosts.Kristen Mann finished also with a double-double for the hosts and had offensive support from Nelli Nevzorova and Liz Moeggenburg with 11 and 10 points respectively.

Tarbes: Kristen Mann 14 (11 rebounds), Laure Savasta 5, Jaklin Zlatanova 4, Clémence Beikes 9, Nelli Nevzorova 11, Alexia Kusion 0, Liz Moeggenberg 10, Gisela Vega 4

Clermont: Anael Lardy 2, Claire Tomaszewski 7, Guiday Mendy 2, Jennifer Butler 13 (17 rebounds), Pauline Krawczyk 19, Claudia Das Neves 8, Vita Kuktiene 4, Noémie Lemaire 2, Elena Nikipolskaïa 19

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Saint-Amand 57-66 Valenciennes (13-20, 7-24, 21-12, 16-10)

Last season Fabrice Courcier’s first big success in the LFB was beating USVO (59-53), a defeat that unsettled USVO for most of the season. The two sides have changed a lot since that day with only three players from that match on the court compared to this encounter.

St Amand started well (11-8) after five minutes; USVO then stepped up to finish with a 12-2 run to lead at the end of the first period (20-13). Saint Amand went to sleep in the second quarter allowing USVO to score the first 17 points and by the interval with the score (44-20) the game appeared to be over. St Amand had the better of the third quarter and reduced their deficit (56-41) thanks to some excellent work from Clarisse Costaz. Tiffany Stansbury came to live in the final period and St Amand‘s deficit came under 10 points (58-49). Francesca Zara, Nicole Ohlde and Reka Cserny came up big for USVO in the closing minutes as they weathered the storm and held on to keep off their northern neighbours.

St Amand: Tiffany Stansbury 11, Marie Fouteret 2, Mélanie Plust 0, Clarisse Costaz 11, Magali Lopez 0, Tamara Moore 8, Laëtitia Kamba 2, Inès Ajanovic 11, Olena Ogorodnikova 12

Valenciennes: Camille Aubert 0, Laurie Koehn 0, Francesca Zara 13, Amélie Pochet 5, Emilie Gomis 13, Krissy Badé 4, Sabrina Reghaissia 3, Nicole Ohlde 17, Reka Cserny 11

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Villeneuve d'Ascq 74-65 Mondeville (26-6, 23-14, 17-23, 8-22)

Mondeville left it far too late to save this game. Villeneuve leading (48-20) at the interval could be forgiven for dropping their intensity in the second half of the match. Kathy Wambe dished out another 14 assists in this victory.

Villeneuve: Bintou Diémé 5, Bénédicte Fombonne 11, Jucirama Dantas 4, Ljubicaa Drljaca 6, Géraldine Robert 15, Kathy Wambe 6, Fati Sacko 13, Shala Crawford 4, Jasmina Ilic 10

Mondeville: Paoline Salagnac 17, Caroline Aubert 9, Ingrid Tanqueray 3, Jennifer Digbeu 8, Leane Williams 13, Naré Diawara 1, Naura El Gargati 4 (12 rebounds), Pauline Jannault 10

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Arras 94-84 Aix-en-Provence (29-19, 28-13, 20-27, 17-25)

Arras: Julie Bertin 0, Carla Thomas 24 (12 rebounds), Bianca Vescan 2, Sheana Mosch 20, Natasa Ivancevic 15, Sylvie Gruzzczynski 11 (5 assists), Mélanie Arnaud 0, Marielle Amant 12, Anais Déas 0

Aix: K. B. Sharp 14 (7 assists), Liad Suez Karni 5, Ines Kresovic 24, Magali Lacroix 12, Nathalie Lesdéma 10, Yacine Séné 14, Anda Jekabsone 0, Stéphanie Beuzelin 5

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