FIBA U17 World Championship
USA and Belgium top their groups

  Margaux Galliou-Loko © FIBA EuropeIn the FIBA U17 World Championship, France won three from their five matches and are second behind the USA in Group B.

On day 4, Japan's late revival in the fourth quarter saw France's lead reduce. Yet France held on to win (70-67) with Esther Niamke-Moisan and Margaux Galliou-Loko (left) scoring in double digits with 13 and 10 points each.

The following day Canada took on the hosts. Both teams were tied in the first quarter(22-22). Then France outscored their opponents to finish (81-60).

Christelle Diallo dropped in 24 points. Margaux Galliou-Loko (Bourges Basket) followed with 19 points. The third player in double digits was Niamke-Moisan with 13 points.

For Canada Nirra Fields scored 30 points.

France will be playing in the quarter-finals against Australia.

Results for day 4 and 5:

Day 5:
Canada 60-81 France
Russia 51-64 Turkey
USA 133-71 Japan
Australia 61-67 Belgium
Mali 49-75 Argentina
China 77-58 Spain

For China Dong Yu was dominating the boards with a double-double of 20 points and 14 rebounds while Yurena Diaz Castellano top-scored for Spain with 16 points.

Day 4:
Canada 61-67 Russia
Belgium 90-80 China
Turkey 55-84 USA
Mali 39-88 Australia
France 70-67 Japan
Argentina 38-68 Spain

Belgium's Julie Vanloo top-scored with 31 points while Emma Meeseman dropped in 19 points and pulled down 9 rebounds in their victory against China.

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Date created: 22 July 2010

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