FIBA Europe U20 European Championship Women Div B, day 5

In the Fiba Europe U20 European Championship Women Division B, the last day of the preliminary round has seen Macedonia join Austria in the classification round for 9th and 10th place while Portugal and the Czech Republic go to the quarter-finals undefeated.

You can read highlights of the FIBA Europe basketball news from the day's actions by clicking on the links below or by scrolling down the page:

Portugal 69-48 Austria

Belgium 37-86 Czech Republic

Greece 37-63 Slovak Republic

Hungary 72-41 Macedonia

FIBA Europe U20 European Championship Women from day four

Portugal remain perfect

 Players from Portugal and Austria together after the game ©

The Austrians, already eliminated from the 2010 edition of the FIBA Europe U20 European Championship Women Division B, did not take this game lightly and led (6-1) early on.

The head coach of Portugal was not happy with his players and told them to wake up. He made plenty of changes as his team came back into the game to go ahead (14-12) at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was played very quickly with the physical intensity as in previous games.

Portugal picked up the pace during the latter part of the quarter. With the three-point shooting of Joana Bernardeco they went into the interval leading (35-25).

After the break the match turned into an exhibition match with both coaches trying out things for the rest of the competition.

Portugal extended their advantag going into the final quarter (51-38).

The final quarter was entertaining as both teams played the game out with Portugal controlling the pace to extend their lead by the end to (69-48).

Maria Correia and Sofia Da Silva scored 14 points each while Luiana Livulo, Michelle Brandao and Bernardeco all scored 10 points.

For Austria, Georgia De Leeuw led the way with 13 points.

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Czech Republic are unbeaten

 Players from Belgium U20 and the Czech Republic during 2010 U20 European Championship  ©

It took just four seconds for the Czech Republic to get on the scoreboard with three quick passes from the tip-off.

Lenka Bartáková concluded and the period for observation was over.

Miete Celus responded on the next Belgium attack with a trey. However the relief was not long as Katerina Zavázalová scored again for the Czech Republic.

With Celus getting to the charity stripes soon after, the teams had combined for 9 points within 60 seconds.

The fireworks did not continue as the Czech Republic did not allow Belgium any chance of getting in the paint as they went on a 15-2 run to open a lead (20-7) with 90 seconds left in the quarter.

Emmanuella Mayombo gave everybody a scare as she ended up in the publicity board after driving for the basket. She picked herself up and went 1-of-2 from the charity stripes.

Dana Kuslitová finished the scoring as she concluded a fast break move for the Czech Republic to lead (22-8) at the first quarter.

 Benny Mertens  © womensbasketball-in-france.comThe Belgium coach, Benny Mertens (right), did not mince his words as he told his players to wake up during the two-minute pause.

The Czech Republic put up a defensive wall that Belgium could not find a way through.

They then were further punished by being cut of their passes (steal/interception/turnover) for the Czech players to score at will to lead by more than 20 points with just 14 minutes played (32-12).

Belgium looked tired and went into the interval trailing (20-46).

The players looked positive at the start of the third quarter, but allowed Alena Hanusová to score four seconds into the game.

 Jiri Johanes © womensbasketball-in-france.comBelgium huffed and puffed but had to wait for more than 90 seconds to score. They kept up the pressure. However once the Czech Republic were more than 30 points clear (54-23) with just 22 minutes played the contest was over.

Jiri Johanes (left) did not let up and changed five for five constantly as his side stretched their advantage (72-31) going into the final quarter.

Hanusova led the Czech attack with 20 points in their victory (86-37). Petra Záplatová was the only other player in double digits from either side with 11 points.

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Slovak Republic blew Greece away

 Veronika Cernáková © womensbasketball-in-france.comVeronika Cernáková (left) was a young lady on a mission as she scored 8 of her team's first 10 points. This included a couple of three-pointers to put the Slovak Republic in charge with just under three minutes played.

A three-pointer from Anna Kavasila from Greece briefly interrupted the Slovak's run as Cernáková had her 10th point of the game for her team to lead (12-3).

The Slovak Republic stepped down in pace allowing Greece to score a few points before finishing with a buzzer beater by Alexandra Baburová to win the first quarter (20-6).

The Slovak Republic started the second quarter without Cernáková and Greece took full advantage to score 6 unanswered points. Then they played the second quarter with their bench players leaving their main players to have a rest.

Greece struggled with the zone defense of their opponents. Yet when they achieved to get through they had no luck in scoring and went into the interval trailing (18-33).

The Slovak Republic started the third quarter with the original starting five with Cernáková resuming her scoring festival with two baskets in 10 seconds. She then allowed her team-mates to score as her side went 20 points clear (45-25) with 14 minutes played.

Greece's ability to score from beyond the arc was the only reason the contest was still on. All the same the Slovak Republic went into the final quarter leading (47-34).

Greece went to sleep during the final quarter and the game turned into a training exercise with the Slovak Republic winning (63-37) with Cernáková as only player in double digits with 20 points.

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Hungary had an easy run

Andzelika Mitrasinovik who was hurt on day three was back in the starting line-up for Macedonia.

 jelena Antik Orsolya Szecsi © womensbasketball-in-france.comMacedonia started the game very cautiously while Hungary always kept two players guarding Jelena Antic.

Hungary scored most of their points on fast breaks. But it was their superior rebounding that enabled them to open up a 10-point lead towards the end of the first quarter (17-7).

They made just one mistake, allowing Antic one centimetre of space which she then used to hit a floating jump shot for the last points of the first quarter (9-17).

Hungary continued with the same tactics at the start of the second quarter and scored 6 unanswered points (21-9) in the first two minutes.

Antik started the Macedonian revival. With Vanesa Vasilevska scoring 5 points (2+3) the home fans were back on their feet and the match finally took off (16-23).

 Dominika Gergely © womensbasketball-in-france.comHowever it was the Hungarians that stepped up with simple fast plays and long passes to out-score their hosts to head into the locker room leading (35-20).

Hungary did not change their tactics after the break. They scored the first 5 points of the quarter to go 20 points ahead (40-20) with 18 minutes left to play in the game.

Antik, with more room to work in, quickly hit back with 5 points. Vasilevska added 2 more points and the fans were back on their feet.

The Hungarian coach Zeljko Dokic did not panic and continued his rotation. His side was back in charge and was leading by 24 points (55-31) going into the final quarter.

The final quarter was a non-event with Hungary pacing themselves to victory (72-41).

For Hungary four players were in double digits with Fanni Fehér leading the scoring with 11 points, followed by Györgi Öri, Dominika Gergely (right) and Alexandra Theodorean with 10 points each.

For Macedonia Antik had 23 points while Vasilevska contributed 10 points.

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Date created: 21 July 2010

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