FIBA Europe U20 European Championship Women
last day of the preliminary round

The third day of the FIBA Europe U20 European Championship brings an end to the preliminary round with the elimination of four nations from the race for the title.

France thrashed Poland (80-31) to secure first place in Group A. It was the turn of Jessie De Colo with 12 points to lead the scoring for France.

The Netherlands will remain in Division A after beating Bulgaria (63-32).

In Group B Sweden finished bottom of the group despite beating Russia (71-61) while the hosts Latvia bounced back from their defeat on day 2 to win against Ukraine (90-61).

Spain take maximum points from Group C into the qualification round by beating Serbia (75-67) while Italy knocked Germany into the qualification round (49-35).

In Group D Turkey edged out Lithuania (64-62) while Belarus beat Romania (89-63).

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Date created: 18 July 2010

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