FIBA Europe U18 European Championship Women, Division B:
Promotion dreams put on hold
for another year

Timişoara hosted the 2007 edition of the FIBA Europe U18 European Championship Women Division B with Croatia winning the event.

Croatia appear to love playing in Timişoara as they remain undefeated after beating Germany (63-48) in their final preliminary round game.

Germany's last hope of qualification rested in the hands of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina gave Denmark a scare early leading (19-12).

Denmark and in particular Gritt Ryder started to score more regularly as they wrestled the lead back before the break (35-31).

Bosnia were more aggressive after the break and at one time led by 10 points (47-37). However they allowed Anna Seilund too many free shots and ended up trailing (48-53) going into the final quarter.

Denmark held on to the lead for good and went on to win (65-57) to finish second in Group B.

Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina will now play in the classification game for 9th-18th place.

In Group A, Greece beat Romania (63-52) to secure first place. Portugal beat Luxembourg (80-47) in the other group game.

Romania will finish in second place even if they lose their last group game on Tuesday.

Finland thrashed Bulgaria (96-52) but will have to wait until England play Estonia on Tuesday to know if they are still in the competition.

England beat Scotland (69-35) in the other group game. England put together a 15-0 run during the first quarter and never looked back in a high turnover match.

England are the only unbeaten team in the group. If they beat Estonia on Tuesday then they and Finland will move into the qualifying round.

However if Estonia win, then the calculator will be required to determine the final order between England, Estonia and Finland.

In Group D, Belarus kept it perfect with a win (81-57) against Montenegro while the Netherlands confirmed their qualification by beating Israel (78-53).

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All the results from day 4

Croatia 63-48 Germany
Bosnia and Herzegovina 57-65 Denmark
Bulgaria 52-96 Finland
England 69-35 Scotland
Romania 52-63 Greece
Israel 53-78 Netherlands
Portugal 80-47 Luxembourg
Montenegro 57-81 Belarus

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Date created: 02 August 2010

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