Trophée Coupe de France ready for eighth-final

The Trophée Coupe de France is down to the last sixteen teams. AJS Ouistreham, SIG (Strasbourg) and AL Apelemont (Le Havre) are the final clubs exempt up to now to join the competition. Five clubs from NF3 are still in the Amateur cup and start their matches with a 7-point advance.

Ouistreham ready to defend crownOuistreham are the defending champions and have a tricky tie against Argentonnaises Thouars (ATB 79). ATB 79 recently had one of their matches screened live on the internet. Their coach indicated after the game that the cup is now an objective.

The SIG have participated in the last two finals and have home advantage against Saint Savine Basket (NF3), while Le Havre visit Calais to play COB Calais Espoir (NF3).

Le Havre were eliminate by COB Calais in the French Cup back in January so they will be motivated for this match. Calais have already eliminated two sides fromNF2 this season and should not be taken lightly.

Nice Côte d'Azur Basket (NF2) - Toulouse BC (NF2)
US Laveyron (NF2) - ASPTT Aix-en-Provence (NF3, +7)
CSP Rezé (NF2) - La Rochelle ASPTT (NF3, +7)
Argentonnaises Thouars Basket 79 (NF2) - AJS Ouistreham (NF2)
Basket Val de Loire Union 37 (NF2) - Stade Poitevin Basketball (NF2)
COB Calais (NF3, +7) - AL Aplemont Le Havre (NF2)
AS Villeurbanne (NF2) - Geispolsheim C.J.S (NF3, +7)
Strasbourg Illkirch-Graffenstaden (NF2) - Sainte Savine Basket (NF3, +7)

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Picture courtesy of the Ligue Féminine de BasketBall

Date: 21 March 2008

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