Amateur Basketball News from Nationale Féminine 2

Amateur basketball news from around the clubs in NF2

September has come to an end and the time has come for a brief review of the amateur basketball news from the clubs in NF2 and NF3.

The Nationale Féminine 2 season started at the same time as NF1. Since, the teams have already played three rounds of games while Nationale Féminine 3 is in its second week.

There are four groups in NF2 with the top two teams from each group qualifying for the end of season play-off. The quarter-final series is based on aggregate score over two games. The winners then qualify for the NF2 final four.

The rules concerning promotion to NF1 are complicated but in theory the four teams that participate in the final four have the right for promotion.

There are two exceptions to the above statement. The CFBB and the LFB Espoir are not allowed to play in NF1.

Amateur basketball news, week 3, from Nationale Féminine 2

Group A:

Marseille, Nice CAB and Tronche Meylan are setting the pace with three wins out of three while at the other end of the table there are four teams still looking for a victory.

Challes-les-Eaux Espoir recorded their first victory of the season against Roquebrune (68-63). Roquebrune acquired the service this season of three players from COB Calais Espoir of which two players have played in the LFB.

Montpellier Espoir have also only won one match so far this season and will host Challes-les-Eaux next weekend.

Group B:

Only two teams remain at 100%: Couronnais and Val de Loire. Val de Loire missed promotion to NF1 last season when they lost to USVO Espoir in the quarter-final. They are considered to be one of the favourites from this group.

At the other end of the table there are four teams including Tarbes still looking for victory.

Group C:

Three teams remain unbeaten: Gravenchon, Le Havre and Wasquehal; a situation that will definitely change next weekend as Le Havre host Gravenchon.

There are three teams that have dropped one game: Chartres, Rennes and UHB Espoir. The second team of UHB won their derby encounter against Ronchin (78-57).

There are six teams with one victory so far: Mondeville Espoir, back in NF2 after a season in NF3, and Villeneuve Espoir (re-elected last season) are amongst the teams in this group of six.

Ronchin and Quistrehem are the only teams without a victory.

Group D:

Lyon are hoping for a quick return to NF1. They have made a perfect start to the season with three wins with an average of 79 points per match. Chenove are also perfect so far.

Bourges Basket Espoir are the third team with a perfect record. At the other end of the table Strasbourg ABC are having a difficult time.

Strasbourg ABC's promotion to NF2 was hotly contested last season by other teams in their group after the club failed to fulfil all the conditions required for a club with a first team in NF1. With the restructure of the club many players had left and the roster for NF2 is made up of players from the U18 side.

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Date: 01 October

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