LFB match misery for Mourenx Basket

Saint Amand 81-63 Mourenx (22-10, 21 12, 21-17, 17-24)

Saint Amand team picture
LFB match: Saint Amand are collectively strong

Saint Amand did not allow their guests any time to settle as they raced off to a (8-0) lead of which Tamara Moore was the spark by scoring the first points. Then Mourenx finally found the basket although their relief did not last long as Elena Ogorodnikova hit a 3-pointer to get the hosts going again to soon lead by 10 points (16-6).

Mourenx was not able to contain Saint Amand’s collective play and hence fell further behind. Despite some individual action of Tzekova Boyer and Virginie Kevorkian the guests trailed by 12 points (10-22) at the end of the first period.

Mélanie PlustMourenx profited from their opponents’ lethargic start into the second quarter to score 4 points. Fabrice Courcier, Saint Amand’s coach, was not happy and the expression on his face said it all.

The reaction was immediate as Magali Lopez and Mélanie Plust (left) hit a couple of 3-pointers for the hosts to get back on their way again. They went on a 12-2 run to increase their lead to 20 points (36-16)

Saint Amand went into the interval with a significant advantage (43-22) and also nine players on the score sheet.

Kaayla ChomesAfterwards Kaayla Chones (left)from Mourenx came out fighting in the third period which appeared to inspire her team-mates as they matched the hosts basket for basket during the first half of the quarter. Fabrice Courcier continued to turn his bench as his side maintained their advantage (51-28).

Apart from a 3-pointer from Isis Arrondo and Chones’ fighting spirit, Mourenx faded badly in the later part of the quarter allowing their opponents to increase the gap (64-39).

Fanny Ploegaerts made sure that all the Saint Amand’s players entered the score sheet as she hit 3 free-throws after being fouled by Ana Lelas.

Despite the efforts of Chones Mourenx was not able to reduce their deficit despite the home side playing with mainly their bench players. So Saint Amand went on to win (81-63).

Saint-Amand: Tiffany Stansbury 9 (12rebounds), Marie Fouteret 6 (5 assists), Mélanie Plust 11, Clarisse Costaz 9 , Magali Lopez 3, Fanny Ploegaerts 3, Tamara Moore 11, Laëtitia Kamba 11, Inès Ajanovic 9, Olena Ogorodnikova 10

Mourenx:Virginie Kévorkian 4 , Isis Arrondo 5, Géraldine Devaux 0, Justine Agbatan 6, Penda Sy DNP, Ana Lelas 12, Béatrice Castets 9, Marion Pujos DNP, Kaayla Chones 21, Polina Tzekova 6

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LFB match pictures courtesy of the Ligue Féminine de BasketBall.

Date: 6 January 2008

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