Open LFB day 2 - Basket and the City 3

The second day of the Open LFB (ligue féminine de BasketBall) got off to a noisy start off the playing court as the fan club from Villeneuve d’Ascq took over pre-game entertainment with their drums and flags and them singing. Unfortunately their joyfulness was short-lived as their side succumbed to the sharp shooting of Krawczyk of Challes-les-Eaux with Villeneuve loosing their rhythm after a good first quarter as Clermont’s new coach Emmanuel Coeuret asked his players to become more aggressive. Only Wambe could cope with this pressure but it was not enough to propel her team. By the end of the 3rd quarter it was evident with Clermont leading (60-48) Villeneuve’s chance had gone and Clermont assured their victory (72-58).

The next match between Challes-les-Eaux and Mondeville was won by the audacity of Corinne Benintendi who changed her side’s system at will and made life difficult for Mondeville. In the opening phase of the game Challes spread their offensive duties while Mondeville relied solely on Digbeu who scored the first 8 of the 10 points of her team in the first quarter. Then after the duo Davenport-Jackson from Challes started to run the show and even when they were not effective Luptakova was there to pick up the pieces, supported by her team-mates, which forced Mondeville to shoot from far out with marginal success. Challes looked sharper and more organised than their opponents and deservedly won the match (74-59).

To end the Open Bourges took on Calais. Bourges’ coach Pierre Vincent decided to start the match with two new players Snell (who only had arrived during the week) and Petrovic (18-year-old Serbian international). It took his players some time to get into the game but then the first period became very lively and exciting with Calais replying to Bourges’ attacks with fast breaks from Hardy and Cibert. Nonetheless the experienced Bourges crew slowly quenched Calais’ fire and went on to win easily (89-63).

You can read the full match report for each game of the Open LFB by clicking on the links below.

5. Clermont-Ferrand - Villeneuve D'Ascq

6. Challes-les-Eaux - Mondeville

7. Bourges - Calais

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